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The Art of Glass Engraving Step-by-Step Instructional Video Collection
Master Glass engraver Wayland H. Cato III reveals his secrets to engraving glass. He shares with the viewer his techniques of 30 years experience engraving glass.

Now anyone can learn to engrave crystal and glass at home in just hours!!

Each of the five tapes represent a sequential learning step in the glass engraving process. So the beginner to advanced student can build on and perfect their engraving techniques. The video series covers how to achieve fine detail, shading, texture, and depth for making flat pieces, vases, bowls drinking glasses and decanters.

Step By Step.
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
It's the last art lesson you'll ever need!


Wayland Cato, our talented presenter, using a Falcon as an example, demonstrates how to make an engraving from a photo enlargement. All the tools and supplies are carefully listed and their use is explained each step of the way. 

"Dremel tools and electric engravers and safety glasses are required here. The video will get guys (or gals) embellishing the crystal in no time" - Video Librarian
Vol. 100 - Falcon 
Shows you how to engrave texture and feathers, and add details to this bird which applies to any other wildlife and how to engrave the detailed background scenes. ISBN # 1-88147-51-2

Vol. 101 - Andrew Jackson 
Shows you how to engrave a rider and a horse and all of the intricate detail. ISBN # 1-88147-52-0

Vol. 102 - Charleston Cabin
Shows you how to do overlays, ex: tree limbs over buildings and how to reverse pictures on the front and back of glass. ISBN # 1-88147-53-9

Vol. 103 - Queen Charlotte 
Shows you how to engrave people and columns, architecture and the fine detail in clothing and dress, You learn how to achieve highlighting in your artwork. ISBN # 1-88147-54-7

Vol. 104 - Brookgreen Garden 
Shows you how to engrave female body draped with fabric, on a vase. ISBN # 1-88147-55-5

Entire 5 Volume Set 
ISBN # 1-88147-58-X

The Art of Glass Engraving Step by Step Instructional Video Collection

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