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Artist Wayland H. Cato, III
Wayland H. Cato, III

Wayland was born on February 22, 1948 in Charlotte, NC.  He began his art at an early age. From pencil drawings at age 6, to charcoal, watercolor, oil, acrylic, wood and metal sculptures that followed. At the age of 13, he started entering statewide competitions with metal sculptures and won first place two consecutive years. Cato's first sale of artwork was at age 14 and within six years he was approached by the Smithsonian Institute to become a commissioned artist. Always searching for that one medium that would challenge his creative expression, withstand the test of time, and leave no room for error, Cato found that medium in engraved glass and crystal. 

Credited with reviving a lost art, (an art nearly extinct since 1800) Cato is a self taught master of stone wheel engraving, creating works of intricate configuration that have no equal. Unlike the more commonly used etched, sandblasted, or copper wheel engraving methods, Stone wheel engraving originated in 1500 BC and has no modern instructors. Having the visual handicap dyslexia became an asset to his creativity because the image is seen in reverse and inverted while engraving. 

Since his introduction to stone wheel engraving in 1969, he has earned the title of Master Engraver and attracted private collectors such as Bob Hope, Steve Allen, Waylon Jennings, Joe Namath, Dr. Henry Kissinger, and President Jimmy Carter, just to name a few. Commissioned works include the State of South Carolina, Westinghouse Corporation, and President Anwar Sadat. The Greater Greensboro Open is also among his many accomplishments. Moreover, 'Night Moon', an 18"x22" engraving, was judged one of the top 100 works of glass art in the world. 

Cato's unique stone wheel engravings have drawn international acclaim and appreciation with exhibits from North and South America, Europe, and China. Since the advancement of modern hand held tools, Wayland has developed a technique for engraving on glass that combines his years of experience and knowledge that he's shared with beginners to experienced artists through his video collection. It is now possible for anyone of any age and any ability to learn this timeless art.
*All travel photography and portraits by Rhonda Cato*


Wayland H. Cato III - Meet The Artist

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Wayland H. Cato, III